Meeting entrepreneurs and attending startup events: What to expect?

Our experience at one of the most important startup events in California

October 13, 2021·Brenda Figueroa


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Did you know that according to U.S. Small Business Administration, “entrepreneur statistics show that American small businesses employed 60.6 million people in 2020, which represents almost half of the country’s entire private workforce”?

Last Friday, October 8, we attended the first in-person event of Startup San Diego Startup Fair and Partner Expo 2021, hosted by Downtown Works in the City of Carlsbad, California, USA.

Sauvara had a great time surrounded by many investors, leaders, and around 30 startups which led us to share great experiences, knowledge, and inspiration.

The organizers

Started eight years ago, San Diego Startup Month is now one of the most important startup events in California. This year, the organizers turned the event into a hybrid program with virtual content (daily workshops, conferences, and a speaker series) and an in-person gathering.

Being surrounded by many talents at the event was magnificent! It is encouraging to see so many human beings committed to and passionate about their causes and businesses. And, although they differ from each other, they all have the same goal: contribute to our society through their ideas.

It is important for us to recognize Startup San Diego and The REC Innovation Lab as they offer valuable resources to businesses. They empower businesses by validating their ideas and giving them the opportunity to grow themselves.

Resources available through both Startup San Diego and The REC Innovation Lab include: contact with mentors and experts from different industries, workshops, and legal support, to name a few.

The Startups

We shared a great moment with many startups, including Tramigo, VIBESUIT, Off Grid Technologies, Inc., Cloud Club Collective, See Monkey Do, Great foods2Go, and Sagwee.

Sauvara feels proud to say we are working with Sagwee, a company that uses Artificial Intelligence and eco-friendly technology to improve safety on the roads. If you are curious to know more about them, follow their lead. We are sure that you will hear great things from them!


This kind of event offers the opportunity to listen to a community full of ideas and ready to create future collaborations. It shows us that it is never too late to develop an idea since entrepreneurship does not discriminate based on age, sex, or race. You can be an entrepreneur at any time, and we can be part of your success story.

Sauvara can help you by:

  • Developing applications and making sure the data moves fluidly across multiple environments;
  • Offering data analytics to organize and capitalize to ensure your data allows you to make better decisions;
  • Providing intelligent automation so that your business is a productive streamlined organization; and also,
  • Introducing infrastructure tools to optimize your processes and increase efficiency.

Contact us if you are interested in working with us!

If you have the opportunity to attend one of these events, whether virtual or in-person, do not miss it out! You will benefit from both a great experience and valuable knowledge.

We hope to see you at a future event!

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Brenda Figueroa

Brenda Figueroa

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Graduated in Communication Sciences with a specialty in Marketing and Advertising at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Brenda is passionate about designing and developing strategies for small businesses. During her free time, Figueroa loves taking pictures about landmarks and spending time with her three dogs: Alondra, Regina, and Cocco.