Sauvara joins the REC Innovation Lab

Sauvara has been selected to join the REC Innovation Center

April 13, 2021·Sauvara Team


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We are pleased to announce that Sauvara has been selected to join the REC Innovation Lab in San Diego, California, United States.

The REC Innovation Lab strives to increase the accessibility of resources in the innovation ecosystem by providing access to cutting-edge technology, the latest tools, and a broad and diverse network of industry experts to support businesses.

The REC Innovation Lab, founded in March 2020 by Tanya Hertz, Director of the Entrepreneurship program and a Lecturer at San Diego State University’s College of Business Administration, aims to increase equity and inclusivity in the innovation ecosystem. Tanya Hertz has been honored with several teaching and entrepreneurship awards.

At Sauvara, our solutions blend technical excellence, creativity, and innovation. From ensuring that our partners receive only the best to working in multiple industries, Sauvara always delivers outstanding solutions.

That’s why we are so excited to be part of the REC Innovation Lab, focusing on helping entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds launch scalable, high-growth startups that use technology to solve problems.

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Sauvara Team

Sauvara Team

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