Aztec Washer Company adopts a modern cloud solution

The solution performs complex operations and facilitates product installations

July 28, 2021·Sauvara Team

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Aztec Washer Company, founded in 1968 by Henry DeGraan in Poway, California, USA, has evolved into a global industry leader with over 50 years of experience. With operations spanning the United Kingdom, Poland, Australia, and Mexico, Aztec remains at the forefront of the washer manufacturing industry.

To enhance the experience for customers and distributors using Master Flash® products, Aztec embraced a Sauvara cloud solution known for its ability to perform complex operations and facilitate efficient product installations.


Despite Aztec’s rapid growth in the fastener industry, the complexity of performing calculations for various product requirements posed a challenge. This complexity, involving hundreds to thousands of items, strained Aztec’s departments despite their vast tooling capabilities. The certified ISO 9001 company sought a solution that could compute faster, efficiently cater to different metrics, and serve multiple countries seamlessly.


Aztec pursued a technology solution capable of storing large volumes of data, offering granular permissions globally, and enabling parallel computation with low latency. After evaluating several options, Aztec adopted the Sauvara enterprise cloud environment. Additionally, Aztec embraced Sauvara’s modern data analysis for insights and trends within secure and dedicated private cloud platforms.

Business outcome

In the new Sauvara environment, Aztec’s supply chain departments experienced improved agility in responding to new product orders. Martin Renner, Marketing Director at Aztec USA, expressed the positive impact, stating, “As opposed to spending hours identifying the right products for our clients, we can now initiate the processing of new orders in just a few minutes.”

Moreover, Aztec leveraged its enhanced technological capabilities to better understand customer needs, ensuring consistent, reliable, and easily manageable order processing services at any time or location, leading to an increase in sales after adopting the solution.

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Address: 13821 Danielson Street, Poway, CA 92064

Phone: 1-800-WASHER 5 (927-4375)


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